Why Do You Need Anti Vibration Mounts

Vibration today is considered one of the types of pollution of the industrial and domestic environment, and this is not surprising, because such waves can have an even more negative impact than direct mechanical shock. Numerous production equipment, even household air conditioners, and appliances generate vibration waves. However, it is possible to prevent their appearance and spread with the help of special anti-vibration mounts.

Application area

The main purpose of anti-vibration mounts is to damp vibrations generated by powerful production equipment. Also, sensitive devices can be installed on a special base, which should not experience such loads. The impact of vibration on the manufacturing process is difficult to underestimate. For example, a relatively small press can create a vibration that will knock out the settings of the simplest milling machine, let alone industrial microscopes. Moreover, vibration mounts help protect workers’ health from negative impacts. Visit this site https://www.pharmchem.com.sg/anti-vibration-mounting/ for more anti-vibration mounts info.

Vibration dampers in public utilities

Vibration dampers are indispensable in public utilities. Structures such as a powerful filter or a generator are capable of creating waves of a certain frequency. When installed directly in a building, they will be invisible to humans, but they can destroy the foundation in a few years. Supports of this type are used in the oil industry, in the construction of helipads, loading sea stations.

For example, machines very often fail precisely because of high vibration loads. Reliable operation cannot be with poor fasteners, so there is no need to talk about the fact that individual parts in the presence of vibration will be made extremely accurately. Moreover, they loosen the fasteners, and therefore, it becomes unsafe to work at the machine.

Important characteristics

When choosing vibration support for a particular task, it is necessary to take into account some important factors. First, the technical specifications. It is necessary to make accurate calculations of the weight load, the frequency of vibration excitation, and distribute the load over the support points.

All the variety of modern designs can be roughly divided into two types: with the use of elastomers and with the use of springs. Each of these options has its own advantages. Springs can absorb up to 90 percent of high-frequency high-impact shocks, but elastomers are a great option for building installations where both low and high frequencies need to be absorbed. Therefore, the latter is often chosen because of its versatility and reliability.

When choosing an anti-vibration mount for a unit, it is necessary to study several important points:

  • permissible load on the support on which it will be installed;
  • product material and its technical characteristics;
  • vibration absorption level.

Types of anti-vibration mountings:

  • gaskets between the units;
  • support for the “paws” of the unit.

What materials are used

The overwhelming majority of vibration mountings are made based on rubber since this material optimally combines sufficient rigidity to work with vibrations and high loads and the level of plasticity. In addition to the fact that the rubber supports perform their main functions well, that is, they absorb vibration, they have a rather long service life. However, there are many supports, which are made from a variety of rubber compounds and steel.

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