What Is The Proper Way To Clean Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are one of the most beautiful and glamorous types of tiles, and the design choices with granite tiles are both durable and timeless.  You can use granite tiles in many parts of your home for interior designing purposes, and they will give your home a glamorous and breathtaking look. But just using the tiles in your home won’t work, you will need to keep them clean in a proper manner. Without cleaning them properly, they will lose their looks and your home won’t look as good anymore.

For cleaning the granite tiles of your floors, walls, and countertops, you’ll first need to remove surface dirt before conducting routine cleaning. And you’ll need to clean different stains from the tiles from time to time. Using cleaning solutions that are granite friendly, and establishing a regular cleaning and maintenance routine is also important. By doing so, you can keep the granite tiles of your home for a long time. Let’s look at the cleaning process of granite tiles.

Routine Cleaning of Granite Tiles

First, let’s look at the ways of cleaning your granite tiles in a routine manner. You should do these regularly so that the granite tiles of your floor or walls don’t look glum and dull. For the routine cleaning of your granite tiles, you should do the following-

  • At the start of the cleaning process, wipe the whole area with a duster or a dry mop. As before cleaning your granite tiles, it is important to remove the surface dirt first. By doing this you will be able to keep any bits of grout or grit from scratching the granite surface, which can trap bits of dirt in the stone deeply, and make the finish dull.
  • For further cleaning, use warm distilled water and mild dish soap if your granite is just a little dirty. Take a bucket filled with water and dilute a few drops of soap in that, and then use a soft cloth to clean your tiles. Wring the cloth before wiping the granite tiles every time to remove the excess water. And make sure to wipe the water quickly from the granite, as standing water can stain your tiles. However, avoid soaps that have lots of fragrances and dyes, as dyes can stain light-colored granites.
  • You need to clean in a methodical way, so you won’t miss any spots on the floor. For instance, you can clean all the tiles from left to right in a particular row before moving on to the next. And if you are cleaning your granite floor, make sure that you are not getting stuck in a corner while cleaning, as then you’ll have to clean the whole place again.
  • After cleaning, make sure that you are letting the granite dry thoroughly to avoid any kind of water spots. You can use circular motions to dry. Using soft clothes is a good way, but if you don’t have that in your home for this purpose, you can use old t-shirts without screen prints.

Removing Tough Stains From Granite Tiles

Routine cleaning is something that will keep your granite tiles clean and maintain their original look. You need to do so from time to time. But if your granite tiles manage to get any stain on them, you’ll need to resort to different types of methods to clean them up. Your tiles can get stained in many ways, there can be stains of curry, stains of water, or even stains of acrylic paints or nail polish. Whatever the stain, you’ll need to clean it up as soon as you see it to make your tiles get back to their original looks. So, now let’s look at what you can do to remove tough stains from the granite tiles of your home.

  • You need to use a cleaning solution that is totally safe for granite tiles. If you haven’t gone through routine cleaning for a long time, and your floor is very dirty, you can use the cleaning solutions to clean the floor thoroughly. But make sure to not use all-purpose household cleaning products for your granite tiles.
  • Spray the cleaning product on one granite tile at a time, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. If you spray at once on many tiles, there is a chance that the solution might be left standing on the tiles, and it may stain your granite.Dry the tiles thoroughly with a soft cloth to reduce water stains.
  • If you are trying to remove deep or set-in stains, you can apply a baking soda poultice to draw the stain out of the tiles. Mix water and baking soda until the mixture looks like a sour cream paste, and then apply the paste on the stain and cover it with plastic wrap. Then leave the place covered for 24 hours, and after that, wash the paste off with soap and warm water, the way you would normally clean those tiles.
  • Tile grouts are magnets for dust and dirt. If the grouts of your granite tiles become dirty, you should go for safe granite grout cleaners, and simply use a small brush to clean the grout of your tiles with that product.

Final Words

Cleaning the granite tiles that you used both on your walls and floors, or even your kitchen countertops can be really tricky. But with the above-mentioned methods, you can clean them in a proper manner, and keep your tiles looking as glamorous as they are.

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