Travel Tips for Exploring Utah

If you’re planning for a trip to the Beehive State, you’re in for a sensational experience. With so many attractions and incredible parks, Utah is not a state that you can visit for only a day. From the mesmerizing Great Salt Lake to the incomparable Zion National Park, Utah is brimming with scenic beauty and rugged landscapes. The only challenging part of visiting Utah is deciding which region to visit first. You can examine some of the state’s best sites and attractions in these passages.

Salt Lake City

Although Salt Lake City is the state capital, it doesn’t feel like a big city. Compared to other cities in nearby states, it has a small population. That’s a great advantage when you’re navigating around the city as a tourist. Salt Lake City has several museums, restaurants and shops to visit, but you shouldn’t miss a trip to Temple Square. The area is run by the Latter-Day Saints and includes the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle. You can visit the Tabernacle during the day, or you can watch the choir practice on Thursday nights. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the Latter-Day Saints, you can visit the visitor center for a full tour. For an adventure that tests your mind, you can check out the escape room Salt Lake City.

The Great Salt Lake

When you leave Salt Lake City and travel West, you can tour the Great Salt Lake. It’s one of the largest saltwater lakes on the planet, and it’s all that’s left of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville. You can walk along sandy white beaches or experience the lake’s high salinity by taking a swim.

After visiting the lake, you shouldn’t miss the chance to see the Bonneville Salt Flats. Unlike any landscape on the planet, the salt flats have vast stretches of salt deposits that cover several square miles. Gorgeous mountain chains flank the barren landscape, and you can hike overnight or merely stroll on the crackling white surface that resembles dry ice.

Park City

In 2002, Park City was one of the sites of the Winter Olympics. The small town, located east of Salt Lake City, is a popular destination for skiers, snowboarders and hikers. If you’re prepared to hit the slopes, you can stay at the famous Park City Mountain Resort or Deer Valley Resort. If you visit in the off-season during the warmer months, you can hike the Rocky Mountains and enjoy a reduced price at a resort or hotel.

Arches National Park

Located north of Moab, Utah, Arches National Park is a unique landscape with enormous balanced rocks, sandstone arches and plenty of colorful landscape. You can camp in the park or take a day trip and hike along the Devil’s Garden Trail to see the incredible Landscape Arch. If you’d rather view the park from your vehicle, you can take an 18 mile trip around the park, but you’ll likely have to stop several times to take photos.

Capital Reef National Park

When you travel down to south-central Utah, you can experience Capital Reef National Park. As the least visited of Utah’s Parks, you don’t have to worry about crowded trails or traffic jams. You can get permits for canyoneering routes around the park or take a casual hike around the red rock beauty. The canyons and sandstone structures are spectacular, but you shouldn’t miss the ancient petroglyphs carved into the rock.

Zion National Park

Utah’s first park is also one of the most popular. The scenic park is open all year, but it’s busiest in the spring and summer. You can enjoy hiking, climbing and camping at the park, but you may want to spend a few days exploring the natural wonders around you. Zion Canyon is a popular hiking destination in the park that includes beginner and advanced trails at the base of the canyon.

Traveling through Utah is an unforgettable adventure that exposes you to natural beauty and wonders you cannot see anywhere else. Once you leave the state, you’re likely to begin planning your next trip to see more.

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