Top 5 Ways to Learn Numbers

A mathematical object used to count, order, measure, and label is known as a number. There are many numeral systems; however, the most commonly used is the Hindu – Arabic number system. Numbers can be divided into whole numbers, natural numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, and so on. For young minds, it can get very complicated to understand numbers and how to use them; thus, we will discuss a few ways in this article that can help them with this process.

Using Daily Life Objects

Suppose a child has to learn about whole numbers, natural numbers, or fractions; this can be easily done with the help of daily life objects. He can take the example of fruits. Both natural and whole numbers are counting numbers; however, whole numbers include 0 while natural numbers do not. Thus, a child can understand this principle while counting fruits. Next, if we talk about fractions, you can use a pizza or a cake to explain this concept. If a pizza is divided into 8 parts and you remove three, then you’ve taken ⅜ of it while ⅝ is left. If you use such daily objects to teach kids about simple numbers, then they start associating them with relatable examples. This helps them to strengthen their concepts and recall them when necessary. They also do not get confused while counting, and eventually, this technique helps them to master the subject in no time.

Use Worksheets

If a child is studying topics such as decimals, percentages, or irrational numbers, then solving worksheet problems is the way to go. These tend to be complex topics, so it is important for kids to gauge if they have understood the concepts well. They can do this by solving worksheet questions. While attempting a sum if kids hit a roadblock, it helps them to decide where the pain point is. Either they are having issues with concepts, or they make silly calculation errors. In any case, kids can work on what is causing them trouble and improve their understanding. Another benefit of worksheets is that they provide children with a wide variety of numerous questions. Practice is the key to succeeding in any field. As kids can find several practice problems in these worksheets, they can master the subject in no time. The questions in a well-curated worksheet are arranged in increasing order of difficulty, ensuring that a student can build up his confidence as he progresses from a simple section to a more complicated one.

Join a Coaching Institute

One of the most effective methods to study is by joining an online educational platform such as Cuemath. Cuemath believes in helping students to develop a robust Mathematical foundation rather than focussing on getting good grades. If children have clear concepts, a good score inevitably follows. The math experts use several well-organized resources such as interactive worksheets, games, math puzzles, apps, and visual simulations to deliver an impactful lecture. They give students a holistic development environment and ensure that kids have the freedom to work according to their learning style. Thus, joining such a tutoring institute can prove to be very beneficial for a student.


The main goal of learning a subject is to have an enjoyable experience. If a child is stress-free, he will develop a robust conceptual understanding that will aid him in solving even the most challenging research problems. Hopefully, this article gives you an insight into how to study numbers, and I wish you all the best!