Top 5 places to visit in New York

For locals and foreigners, New York is one of the best and captivating places to visit around the world. 

This amazing American city shows the fact that peace and democracy can bring fortunes in the modern-day world. 

The city is not historical rich but does hold deep roots of greatness. Without a shadow of a doubt, New York presents the real class of the United States. 

All these things make New York the place to go and enjoy life. For many, it can be an expensive trip. If you can make it, it will be a great period to remember. 

5 Broadway and the Theatre District  

There is no historical aspect of this location in New York. It shows the fact that how good civil engineering can make any city look just out of this world. One should visit this place around about 7.30 pm for seeing the best magic. 

4 Metropolitan Museum of Art

Being the fourth best place to see in New York shows a new angle towards looking at this museum. Even if you are not a lover of history, this place should be on your bucket list. New York does not well without this collection of art.   

3 Rockefeller Center & Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Shopping malls and other lavish things make Rockefeller Center a great place to enjoy quality time. Just like Broadway and the Theatre District, the very location is going to captivate many souls. 

2 Central Park

Central Park makes everyone feel that they are in a European city. Water, trees and other great parts of nature make this place cut above the rest. Going to New York means that you have to visit Central Park. 

1 Statue of Liberty

Many Hollywood films have shown the Statue of Liberty too many times. Hence, the whole world knows about it. It is one of the best symbols of the United States, let alone New York (US). 

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