Top 3 best food delivery services in United States

Takeaway brands have taken a great ride of stability in the last five to 10 years. Just like enjoying food in restaurants, humans are in love with ordering food online.

In almost every location, these chains are operating in a fantastic manner.

The biggest advantage of takeaway is the fact that one can order his or her beloved food form their smart gadgets. Without any traffic problem, one can get this ordered delivered inside an hour mostly.

The delivery charges are also not sky-high. Hence, it does not give the customer a huge burden to deal with.

Let’s take a look at top three best food delivery services in the United States.

1 DoorDash

DoorDash has deep connections with top restaurants in the United States and around the world. One can see them commanding the online food chain in the US better than others. The offers on food can make one saving a lot of money at the end of every year.

Within 38 minutes, the customer will mostly receive its order. It shows the lighting speed they are offering.

For two meals, $27 dollars are sufficient to get the best dishes on an average.

2 Uber Eats

After DoorDash, Uber Eats is the one to look for when it comes to ordering food online. The global chain does a lot of promotional work to overtake its rivals in the United States.

Because of they do have deep pockets – it is very much easier for Uber Eats to give great discounts on food and beverages.  

Two meals plus appetizer will cost the consumer $26 (US dollars). It does sound quite less than going to the location and order.

3 Postmates

Postmates is indeed a very decent option to order food online. The growth of Postmates has taken a different ride. Even their customer satisfaction rate is very high.