Tom Pidcock takes gold in Olympics Mountain Bike event

The recent mountain bike event at the Olympics was followed by millions of viewers who watched the athletes race across the track in an effort to win gold. But no one achieved better results than Tom Pidcock. Tom, who added to the list of golds won by British cycling said that the Olympics were like no other event. At only 21 years old, he became the sport’s youngest Olympic champion, with Switzerland’s Mathias Fluckiger taking silver and David Valero of Spain the bronze. Pidcock even managed to beat Nino Schurter, who had won the championships eight times and become the new champion of the sport in a dramatic and inspiring event. ‘The 21-year-old, who gained 26 positions on the first lap before moving to the front, never relinquished his lead, clocking a time of 1:25:14’, CNN reports.

Pidcock proved how amazing mountain biking can be

Tom Pidcock’s performance was impressive and made many fans dream about flying over the track themselves. It is actually very easy to get yourself involved in the sport, easier than you might think. You don’t need to fly around at the same speed as Tom to have fun (actually it’s highly recommended that you don’t). It’s great to join a club when you are first starting out, to learn how to ride in a safe environment. Here you can learn all that you need together with a team and be inspired by the excitement that everyone in the club has for the sport.

Build your skills first, then go for speed

Of course, there are always safety aspects to consider. Especially as a beginner, tackling the rough terrain with a bike is often not easy and can lead to serious injuries. Make sure your bike is well maintained and serviced, wear a helmet, take out mountain bike insurance, wear knee and elbow pads. Start slow and don’t take on steep hills just yet. Avoid riding over too many sharp rocks and go slower in the beginning until you get a feel for your bike. Learning the techniques and understanding how to repair your bike in case of an emergency can be very useful.

Exploring different terrains together with others

Tom Pidcock was probably born to ride a mountain bike, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t become good at the sport. There is a growing community of people who enjoy exploring all kinds of terrains with their bikes and like to ride together. Some groups even travel together to make the most of all of the exciting slopes, mountain paths and forests that can be found in various destinations.

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