The Highest-Paying Online Degrees

There are around 19.7 million students enrolled in universities across the U.S which shows the power of education.  

Going to school is a fantastic way to deepen your knowledge, meet like-minded people, and eventually land a well-paid job. Perhaps you’re browsing university courses, but you’re unsure which is the best for you.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the highest-paying online degrees. 

Business Administration

Those after degrees that pay well should consider business administration. This fantastic course gives you a foundation in human resources, accounting, and management so you can navigate the business world.

And if you’re not convinced about attending college online, then check out these benefits

Paralegal Studies

Although there are no easy online degrees, you should consider paralegal studies if you love research.

Paralegals work alongside attorneys and help them conduct research, write briefs, and guide clients through their cases. The beauty of this career path is that it’s constantly in high demand, so you’re guaranteed excellent job security.  

Criminal Justice

Don’t want to be a paralegal but want a similar online bachelor’s degree?

Then earn a degree in criminal justice which covers forensics, law, and ethics. Most people with this degree then become police officers or work in an administrative role. 


One of the best degrees with a high salary is finance, especially if you’re a whiz with numbers. Know that a financial analyst can earn a whopping $76,950 and that’s just the beginning. 

After several years working at a firm, you can earn a modest $109,740 when you become a manager.  


If you’re browsing the best online degrees that pay well, consider becoming a nurse. Many don’t realize you can do this course online, but it’s possible. Further, nursing is diverse so you can either work in a hospital or even as a traveling nurse. 

Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is where you optimize network systems and ensure computers are running smoothly.

As businesses rely on having a strong digital infrastructure, it means there’s high demand for IT graduates. Plus, you can eventually earn a hefty sum!


If you don’t want a degree in finance, but enjoy the subject area, then get an accounting degree.

You can become a bookkeeper where you handle accounts and, for smaller businesses, oversee the financial side of the company. What’s not to love?

Health Care Administration 

Want to work in healthcare without dealing with patients? Then earn a degree in health care administration. This is where you maintain patient files, update data, and work alongside insurance companies. 

Like with most healthcare roles, there’s a high demand so apply today! 

Browse Highest-Paying Online Degrees Today

Hopefully, after reading our list of the highest-paying online degrees, you’ve made your decision. 

You can earn a fantastic salary in a range of fields, whether it’s studying accounting or becoming a nurse. It’s also possible to earn a killing in technology and even criminal law depending on your preference. Good luck! 

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