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Sushil Singh is a well-known Indian businessman. The Indian millionaire runs three different organisations and an NGO. He started his entrepreneurial journey in the summer of 2015. Before the transition, he did work in senior positions for several top brands in India. Let’s take a run and know more about this personality.

Basic Information

Sushil Singh was born on the 15th of October. However, he did spend his childhood days in Mumbai and did get basic education from there. In an interview given to Forbes, it looked as if he is a self-made man. From the very interview, we get to know that he is a college drop out too. Forbes magazine called it a journey from rags to riches. 

Entrepreneurial journey

As stated already, Sushil Singh is running three organisations and an NGO. In the middle of 2015, he started with SSR Techvision. SSR is a famous customer care service platform. The brand does have working offices in India and the United States. SSR works with some of the best firms around the world. 

Four years later, in 2019, Sushil Singh came up with Saiva System, which is a famous firm in recruitment and Information Technology. Just like SRR, Saiva also has working offices in India and the US. As a recruiter, Saiva works with some of the top IT firms across the globe. 

Deebaco, a premium online clothing store, was launched by Sushil Singh with his wife Sarita Singh, in the summer of 2019. Deebaco has its own site – – and do they sell their products on other top online shopping websites. For ladies, it’s indeed a must place to take a look at and buy fashionable clothes and accessories. 

Other than these three very well working firms, It looks as Sushil is also eager to give it back to society. From Just Wish, which is an NGO, he does take care of growing trees and helping kids with education. Every year, they come with certain goals which do help several people around the world. 

Did You Know?  

  • Sushil Singh is a huge lover of fitness. He does like to spend time at the gym every day. It shows how much he does care about fitness. 
  • A bookish personality, Sushil does give hours every day to read books. It is now a part of his life. 
  • He has over 50k Instagram followers. One can see his colour personality on Instagram -@sushilsinghsaiva 
  • Sushil Singh can speak fluent English, Hindi and Marathi. 
  • He does like to travel and know different parts of this world. 
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