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Rummybaazi, an authorized & the most genuine rummy portal has recently announced the launch of “Mobile Rummy Tournaments” for rummy enthusiasts across India. With all the kinds of tournaments available on mobile, rummy players can take pride & delight in the Rummy App as it will take you to the world of card games where all you can experience is unlimited fun & at the same time, you can win a handful of money.

The main motive behind introducing “rummy tournaments” was to provide a better gaming experience to mobile players. The interface design, functions, and stunning features run smoothly without any lag. Rummybaazi is India’s first online rummy portal to introduce a wide range of online rummy games to the gaming industry. Now, Rummybaazi is providing online gaming services to more than 6 million customers. And, this doesn’t stop here, the numbers are still counting!

Spotlights of Rummybaazi Rummy Tournaments –

Rummybaazi conducts various tournaments and is designed especially for rummy lovers to engage them and to satisfy them with the gaming experience and with the prize pool. From newbie to skilled players, every rummy enthusiast can try their hands on online rummy and can win big cash prizes. There are few tournaments mentioned below that are always being conducted at Rummybaazi & is also available on your mobile phone also –

·       Cash Tournament

·       Freeroll Tournament

·       Acupoints Tournament

·       Beginner Tournament

These tournaments are now available for download on desktop, mobile, and tablets. All you need to do is visit Rummybaazi’s main page – and hit the download button to get your 13 card games started on your phone.

Sign up today to get a bonus offer of Rs. 1500 as a welcome bonus. Play Rummy – Anytime & Anywhere is the ultimate mantra of rummy members of Rummybaazi. With the launch of the Rummybaazi App, players have got the chance of playing rummy on the go!

Do not wait! Hurry up! Register today and become a premium member to enjoy all the premium benefits of being a member at solitaire Rummybaazi.

New Rummy Tournaments

Rummy is an exciting and addictive game that has been widely played in India for ages. The game which was originally played for entertainment purposes evolved to be a game that can be a money-spinner. Rummy is now available online where you can play the game easily with an internet connection anywhere and at any time. It’s now one of the hottest games in the Indian card game industry. The unique thing about the rummy game is its ability to spurn more variations – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, and gin rummy are some of the popular rummy versions. Rummy tournaments are incredibly more fun and thrilling than rummy games. In rummy games, you play with a limited set of players whereas the number of players playing freeroll tournaments are huge in numbers & also the structure of tourneys gives you some fast gameplay. Many experienced players prefer playing rummy tournaments more than games as they push them to bring out their best. has earned the tag of India’s most reliable site with our mind-blowing rummy games and fast-paced tournaments. Our Freeroll tournaments are worth more than Rs. 100000 per day which are available to play mostly at your leisure timings. With a multitude of freeroll tournaments, we offer every player a fair chance to win big huge prize amounts. Here’s a brief summary of the freeroll tournaments that we’ve launched this September:

Daily Rapid Rustle

After the massive success of our existing promotions, we are launching a new freeroll tournament “Daily Rapid rustle” that will run every day @ 11 AM. This tournament is a freeroll tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of Rs.5000 cash bonus by playing a rummy real cash game.

Registered players can play this tourney every day at 11 AM. The tournament is open to 600 players and entry is free. The registration for this tournament begins at 10:00 AM every day. This tournament is ideal for players who prefer playing in the morning. You can play every day without making any investment and win some cool cash bonus prizes. The most wonderful aspect of this tournament is its fast gameplay. Unlike other tournaments, this tournament has only one round per deal. They’re sort of like watching the highlights of a game. The more astute you are, the more chances you have to win!

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