Remodeling Small Master Bathroom Ideas

Probably one of the most challenging areas to remodel in your home is the master bathroom. It is a commonly used area in your home, so it’s vital to be functional. Plus, it’s the master bathroom, which means it has to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Most of the time, this room has it all: a double sink, tub, and shower. Some people even add an area for relaxation, like a lounging area in the bathroom. But what if you do not have all that space to accommodate those things? Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas that you could do to your master bathroom if you have limited space:

Storage is Everything 

Storing things in a small bathroom could be challenging. Since this is a high-functioning area, there are a lot of items placed in this room. You could go for an efficient wall-mounted vanity above your sink. It has a double purpose of storing your things while being a mirror as well. Another thing that you could do is install a small shelf in the shower to have storage space for your bathing products. But keep in mind, it has to be waterproof. Having a built-in shelf that matches your tiles is the best way to go. 

Add Mirrors

A simple way to make your bathroom look bigger is by mirroring a wall. Since all bathrooms require mirrors, you could opt to install a huge mirror that will cover a huge portion of your wall. Plus, having a mirrored wall would mean that two people could use it at the same time. If a huge mirror doesn’t work for you, you could try adding multiple mirrors with different styles. It gives the same effect of making your bathroom feel bigger while giving it a fun, quirky look.

Light Colors 

The trick into making a room feel bigger is simply going for a lighter shade for your walls. It lets more light in, which makes a room seem bigger than its actual size. You could choose to paint all your walls white and choose light countertops and tiles during your bathroom remodeling. This style gives your master bathroom a luxurious feel. But if white isn’t your thing, you could always go for pastels or match a darker color accent wall with your light-colored walls.

Glass Shower Door or Take It Off

If you want to have a division for your shower, choose glass shower doors. Glass shower doors help open up space while still providing separation between the shower and the other parts of the room. Having a shower door is essential for some people, especially if you hate having your bathroom floor wet. But, completely removing the door will open up space if that is not an issue for you. When you go for this option, you have to make sure that you have an excellent shower drain and non-slip tiles installed. 

If you plan on renovating your small master bathroom, try these ideas. Small master bathroom remodeling projects do not have to be expensive. Sometimes these small changes are enough to make your small master bathroom feel like a luxurious master bathroom. 

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