PDFBear Online Tools: Numerous Online Tools In A Single Platform

Online documents have been a great help in our daily lives, especially in sending and sharing information worldwide. The benefits that we are having when using online documents should be used in every way possible to our advantage. However, configuring an online document can be a tricky thing to do.

For example, Portable Document Format or commonly known by many as PDF, is one of the most challenging document formats to modify. This article will help you have a smooth experience in modifying your PDF file by using different types of online tools that have a distinct function that will change your PDF file for the better.

About PDFBear

PDFBear is the online platform you need if you want to modify numerous things in your PDF file. You will find a diverse number of online tools that can help you with your PDF file needs. All of the online tools you might need for your PDF file can be found in this single platform, which is an excellent advantage for you to save up some time rather than visiting different media types.

The online tools that we have mentioned are converting to PDF, converting from PDF, Merge PDF, Split PDF, Delete PDF Pages, Compress PDF, Repair PDF, Rotate PDF, Edit PDF, PDF Reader, Share Document, Number Pages, Add Watermark, eSign PDF, Protect PDF and Unlock PDF. You can use their online tools to help you be more productive in your document activities.

To walk you through and get to know some of the online tools from their platform. Here are some of the best online tools used by users for their online document needs.

Unlock PDF

A PDF file is one of the most challenging document formats to edit or modify because of the distinct feature that allows it to display the exact details and images from the original copy. However, PDFBear will help you edit and modify those PDF files easily. The first one on our list is the online tool Unlock PDF which will help you remove an encrypted password in your PDF file.

If you remove encrypted passwords from your PDF file, you should always keep in mind that you should own or have access to that PDF file. It is impossible to remove a password from a PDF file that you do not have access to. You will need to know the current password to remove it from your original PDF file.

In removing your PDF file’s encrypted password, you will need to type in the address URL of PDFBear in your search box. Visit their website and choose the online tool Unlock PDF to start using it for your online document. You will be able to view the instructions provided for you to use the specific online tool you have chosen. Here is an example of how to use it.

  • Upload your PDF file.
  • Type in the current password of your PDF file.
  • Click the “Unlock PDF”
  • Download your newly unlocked PDF file into your storage.

Protect PDF

Most individuals are hesitant to upload their vital and confidential documents to the internet in today’s generation. One of the main reasons for this is hackers and people with bad intentions are everywhere, waiting to pounce and take their chances to access random information online for their advantage.

You should also be worried about your PDF file being accessed by any individual. It is essential to lessen or control the number of individuals who can access your personal information embedded in your PDF file. Given all of those thoughts, you should put an encrypted password to your PDF file with the help of the online tool Protect PDF to make your document security better.

In using the online tool Protect PDF, all you need to do is the same as the previous online tool discussed. However, the instructions in using these online tools differ from the previous one. It would be best if you also kept in mind that every online tool has different functions, which results in various types of instructions given. Here is an example of how to use Protect PDF.

  • Upload the PDF file you want to add with a password.
  • Type in the password you want to have for your PDF file.
  • Click “Encrypt.”
  • Download your newly encrypted PDF file.


You can change the way you handle your PDF file security. It is recommended to have an encrypted password in your PDF file to make it safer than ever. However, it may be a disadvantage, especially if you are opening multiple PDF files, resulting in time and effort.

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