Knowing Your Firearm: What’s So Special About 80% Lower Jigs?

One of the greatest innovations of modern time comes in weaponry, and it is undeniable that guns have become a big part of many people’s lives in the United States. Aside from its use on the battlefield, these have become a form of self-defence in some instances.

It is common for people to approach a store to get their hands on a firearm, but these also have a side most are unaware of. For example, people may start a hobby by crafting their guns from the comfort of their own homes using an 80 lower jig. However, many do not know what the 80% jig is and what one can do with it, so it would be best to learn more about this critical part of a firearm.

An 80% Lower Jig?

The simplest way to explain what 80% lower jigs are is a firearm’s template or fixture, consisting of tools, measurements and frames. With this, it is fast and straightforward to practice the repeatable mechanical process of crafting a homemade firearm. Many businesses in the United States, such as 80 Percent Arms offer many different kinds of jigs specific to a particular type of gun. An 80 lower jig from 80 Percent Arms will help you finish building your firearm.

Most of these lower jigs come in a kit, meaning that they come with parts and tools with a blueprint to aid the “gunsmith” in seeing the final product.

Found Where?

Most people who have heard about the 80% jig have also probably heard that the receiver is part of many kinds of firearms. They are, in fact, right as the jig is a standard part of the firearm. The most commonly purchased type of jig is that of the Glock. Some businesses offer a Glock jig, and a basic kit, complete with all one needs to build one. In addition, there are GST-9 pistols which is another variation of the Glock pistol, and businesses should be able to offer at least the jig.

Assault rifles are the most “attractive” gun to many people due to various reasons. Many find themselves desiring these two-handed firearms because of their expertly crafted intricacies. In contrast, others admire them due to their size and power that intimidate even the boldest souls. Finally, of course, it would be a joy for many to own one, but what can be better than crafting one of their assault rifles at home?

Today, most businesses offer the AR15 and the AR10 jigs because people may utilize the receivers to craft the AR15 and AR10 and the AR9. This practice is possible because they are universally compatible with other versions of the rifle.

Why Buy One?

People debate whether they should buy an 80% jig or travel to their nearest gun store to purchase an already-made firearm. Of course, most would prefer the latter, but people should consider the former for several reasons.

The best reason to get a lower receiver is this would save money in the long run. Buying a gun kit, complete with drill bits, fixture plates, and end mill bits, can be pretty intimidating to one’s wallet. However, the receiver is built to last for an extended amount of time, and it is meant to be recycled for other subsequent jigs that one may use for other models. This is about what one would expect from an item made from high-quality, durable material.

This is not only intimidating to the wallet but actual people themselves. Most would think that building a gun may require some skill that requires even more time to master. However, this is a hobby that is fast and easy for any aspiring gunsmith. Along with a blueprint and all the things one may need for gun crafting, the whole process may be completed in under an hour. People do not need prior experience for this craft.

Firearms are an exciting innovation that has developed over time, and it is safe to say that crafters put much attention into every detail of any firearm they make. However, crafting a homemade gun is an activity that merits much more beneficial results. Not only will an individual get to save money and time by purchasing an 80 lower jig, but they will know more about their guns and become more creative in their art as the possibilities are endless with a single receiver.

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