How to grow online business with three easy tips


The outgoing year was full of surprises and challenges for all business sectors. Companies that wanted to remain active market players rewrote strategies overnight, urgently introduced new promotion tools, and improved the quality of service. 

Content is still a KING

If, thanks to global Internetization, users have become “more advanced”, then due to a decrease in income in 2020, they began to take a more balanced approach to spending and shopping. If you are on YouTube, then content stuff is way more important. If YouTube content is not good, people will not watch again. That’s why you need to post unique, creative and quality videos. At the same time, buy YouTube views from the trusted company and get more attention from the fan-base. 

Today it has become more difficult for brands to convey their advertising messages to the audience – even good advertising may not be noticed among the information noise. Content marketing continues to come to the rescue. It allows potential buyers to choose for themselves which format to consume (news, articles, blogs, interviews, comments, reviews, etc.), and well-placed material inspires more confidence among the audience and potential customers.

The main trends of 2021: honesty, consistency, building a trusting dialogue with the audience, quality, flexibility. The outgoing year has clearly shown: in the conditions of quarantine waves and economic turbulence, it is especially important for a brand to talk about itself in order not only to maintain the client pool, but also to increase its market share. 

In order for content marketing and native advertising (yes, and it too) to work as efficiently as possible, it is worth determining for yourself the optimal format for presenting information and developing a company’s communication strategy. Then the money spent will not work in vain and will return in the form of dividends: audience growth, sales and progress in promotion.

Analyze & track everything

To prevent your ad content from drowning in the sea of ​​information, you need to work closely with analytical data. 2020 has clearly shown: the time for large PR budgets is gone, and each hryvnia invested in promotion should be measured and make a profit. 

Various metrics come to the rescue. They make it possible not only to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, but also to determine the potential of the publication even before publication. It is the analytics systems that give an understanding of which online platforms and channels are relevant for certain categories of people, what are they guided by when they decide to make a purchase, what are their motives and what their needs are.

Social networks regular posts & ads

Social networks have long been rightfully called an alternative to media, trading and business platforms. Thus, Instagram, originally created as a service for storing photos, has now turned into a global trading platform; Twitter helps drive powerful traffic from the internet, and LinkedIn is perfect for B2B. 

Social media allows you to post articles and short notes and then analyze their effectiveness. The main thing is to make quality content that will be interesting to read. Don’t forget about Stories. The stories create a sense of behind-the-scenes and honesty. Everyone loves to feel special, and walking around the backstage of a brand is a great attention-grabber.

Live broadcasts. Stream conferences and master classes, reviews directly from your smartphone, chat with subscribers in real time, and don’t forget to collect statistics. In addition to the corporate page, create a professional community on the social network and, as something exclusive, attract users there for closer communication. Such a page should be closed, and new readers should go through a formal survey at the entrance. This will help ensure their loyalty.

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