How to Encourage Your Kids to Use Colored Pencil Holders

Sending kids to school for the first time is a unique feeling for parents. It’s a realization that their kid is all grown up. It is great to see them holding their bags and talking about their teachers.  But the big task comes when they lose at least one thing of their stationary every day. They don’t pay much attention to their stuff and end up losing them. Apart from getting their homework done, cleaning uniforms, sending them to school on time, there comes great responsibility for maintaining their stationery.

Thankfully, pencil boxes are a thing that little ones can carry to keep their pencils and other stuff. But they need to get used to it. Using colored pencil holders can help them store everything from pencils, colors, scales, and more. Here’s how to encourage them to carry it.

Buy them beautiful boxes

Kids love to carry beautiful stuff. They get excited about things that are out of the box. They don’t like ordinary things like brown covers, monochrome stationery that they regularly carry. Their eyes catch colorful stuff, and they want to carry them everywhere. Get them colored pencil boxes from online stores in their favorite prints. It’d be better to shop with them because they usually point out things they like.

Thankfully, various stores online have a vast range of printed and colored pencil boxes. You and your kid have a lot to choose from. Try it, and you’ll find your little one excited to carry pencil boxes to school.

Get them more than one option

How would you feel about carrying the same bag every day to the office? It won’t be exciting, right? Choose to buy more than one pencil holder for the little one. It’ll encourage them to bring pencil boxes everyday to school. Carrying one will help them store their pencils and stuff in there. You can choose the colors your kids like and get them pencil boxes with those shades. What can get more exciting than getting them their favorite colors?

Hide a surprise goodie in their boxes

Kids love surprises. Surprise them everyday with a small goodie hidden in their colored pencil storage. It’ll give them a reason to take their pencil box to school and not lose them. You can hide gifts like candy, a small toy, a fragrant eraser, toy pencil and more exciting stuff. They’ll love to find a treasure inside their pencil box. You can give them a hint for the surprise when they head out for the school bus to remember their box.

Things like these will help your kid to build a habit of carrying pencil boxes. Ultimately, they’ll get used to storing their stationary in the box. If your little one loses things often, making them familiar with using pencil boxes can help. Also, you can try other tricks that you find personally effective; for example, attaching the box to their bags.

Go on browsing

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