How safe is trying Micro needling at home?

For those who have been taking skincare quite lately must be knowing that taking care of your skin is a whole lot of process- more than just doing the massage of face cream once a week and maybe a serum to call it an actual ‘good-night’ to your skin. Face care has come a long way, thanks to the ever-changing advancements made in technology. We are enlisting a growing number of tools and devices that supercharge our face care regimen that we must follow in the hope of achieving the ever-elusive glow. 

One of the most vibrant and popular treatments that are on everybody’s radar today is, of course, micro-needling or derma rolling. As the name suggests, micro-needling is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. It’s the latest procedure (like facials and clean-ups) that has jumped off the clinics and entered our homes. But before you actually try it out at home on your own, it’s important to know if Microneedling at home is safe?

What is Microneedling? 

As we grow older, our skin starts showing signs of aging, namely wrinkles and fine lines. Micro-needling is one such cosmetic procedure that’s used to treat skin concerns by producing collagen in the skin. This is why micro-needling is also known by the name of collagen induction therapy. Industry stalwarts recommend micro-needling as an excellent procedure for those looking to reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks. 

Micro needling is also used in some anti-aging procedures, as mentioned before, such as eyelid surgery and sunspots. Various studies reveal that micro-needling is by far the most potent treatment that promotes hair growth.

However, it’s really important to know if this face care treatment can be done at home safely? 

Experts say NO. 

Micro needling doesn’t sit too high on the pain scale, but it can hurt a lot if done wrong, and when you’re doing it at home, there is a high chance that you’ll get yourself hurt. 

Get it done at a clinic because….

Less Pain: Clinics that have been doing micro-needling for quite a long time are experienced and offer numbing cream to lessen the pain. The treatment includes needles breaching the skin barrier; they are very small and specifically designed to bypass pain stimulation. In this case, getting it done from the clinic that has all sorts of cosmeceutical products to penetrate the skin reduces the pain that occurs in the process.

Doing at home can cause infection: 

Micro needling is done using the derma rollers, and the market has an abundance of low-quality tools that will eventually end up causing you an infection. Micro needling rollers improve the product penetration by close to 80 percent and increase its efficacy. When you get these things done by an experienced derma clinic, they thoroughly clean your face before using any tool on your face, clean the needles and rollers in soapy water, and remove the skin and debris after every usage. Not only this, the roller is then soaked into the rubbing alcohol for a few minutes to disinfect the roller and needles.

 Minimal effects 

When you do micro needling at home, you’ll improve the skin texture and mild hyper-pigmentation, but home practice will not help you with your scars. Experts say that micro-needling at home will not make you scared because trained aestheticians are able to use longer needles that effectively treat cancers like mild acne scars and fine lines. This means that doing the micro-needling at home will not give you the desired and anticipated results that getting this done at a derma clinic will give you.

Doing micro needling at home will cause superficial tears in your skin. These needles are very delicate and can be easily broken and leave small broken fragments in the skin. The skin and needles must be clean enough to not cause an infection, and getting this cleansed enough at home is not possible. Thus, it is highly recommended to get micro-needling done through a derma expert to make it safe and effective.

 The best bet, in this case, would be someone who has been practicing micro-needling for quite a lot of time now. Medspaaz is one such derma clinic in Arizona that gives you the opportunity of leveraging the best of the micro-needling. 

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