Find the best cot for your new baby

Everyone wants to provide the best for their new baby. But what is the best? What should you buy to ensure your child’s comfort and safety? This article will give you all of the information you need to decide which cot is right for your family!

What is the best cot for your new baby?

The best cot for your baby is the one that will best suit your baby’s current needs and wants. Some cot include a changing table; some have wheels, many can convert into a toddler bed…the possibilities are endless! The best option for you depends on how much space you have in your home (a larger cot with a changeable top may not fit in a smaller room), as well as what type of sleeper you think your child will be. For example: if they prefer to sleep on their belly, you’ll want to make sure their mattress is firm; if they tend to roll over often while asleep, then you’ll need more padding.

What safety features should I look for?

There are many safety features that you should look for when purchasing a suitable cot for your baby. First of all, make sure that the mattress is firm and fits snugly in place to prevent it from moving around. Also, avoid using pillows as they can present a suffocation hazard; instead, use 

a headboard that keeps their heads elevated on one side and allows airflow beneath them on the other side! The sides of the cot should be low (less than 30cm) so that your baby cannot fall out or climb out without assistance.

What about the mattress?

There are many different brands of cots that include a mattress, but it is best to take the time to choose one that will fit your baby’s sleep habits. For example, a firm mattress will work for a back or belly sleeper, while an extra-bouncy mat may end up being most comfortable for someone who regularly rolls over! If you prefer not to buy a new mattress, then a simple waterproof crib pad (even washable ones available) can add comfort and warmth. Also, look out for some additional padding around the headboard and along the sides. This can help support their body in all directions.

How big should my baby’s cot be?

Think about how much space you have in your home and where you’d like the baby’s cot to be placed. If you’re going to use the cot for a long time, then it doesn’t have to be large – but if it only houses your baby for a few years, you’ll want it to fit into the larger room! A standard single bed is approximately 90cm wide x 200cm long, so keep that dimension in mind when shopping around.

What are some of the most popular options available?

There are many different types of cots on the market these days, from those with side changers that eliminate having to lift or move your sleeping child to those with attached nightlights or music systems (both to give some comforting light or a soothing lullaby while your child sleeps!). Of course, you can find the more traditional types of cots as well. Most will include safety features and come with an attached mattress…but others may require an additional purchase to be fully ready for use!

Where will the cot go?

The best place to put your baby’s cot is where there is plenty of room along the walls. This way, they can sleep in peace without the risk of rolling off or being injured by sharp corners (toys, blankets etc.) that may be nearby. Additionally, if you want your baby to have the nightlight, try putting it on a dimmer switch; this way, they can have it as bright or dark as they like when sleeping!

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