Fernanda Gomez: Wiki, Bio, Boxer Canelo Alvarez Girlfriend

Fernanda Gomez is a professional model who hails from Toluca, Mexico. Fernanda was born on 18 April 1992 – and her zodiac sign is Aries. The Mexican beauty is very much religious and does believe in the blessings of Lord Jesus. 

Are Fernanda Gomez and Canelo Alvarez Married?  

Fernanda Gomez and Canelo Alvarez are not married. They did meet for the first time in 2016. Within a year, they started to live together in a lavish house in California, United States. Fernanda and Canelo are blessed with two children – Saul Adiel and Maria Fernanda Alvarez.

Canelo was living with two daughters already before starting her relationship with Fernanda Gomez. It means Emily Cinnamon Alvarez and Mia Ener Alvarez are Fernanda’s stepdaughters. Fernanda Gomez does take care of her step kids very well. She loves them like her own two children. This is the main reason behind the strong tie-up of Fernanda Gomez and Canelo Alvarez.

Gomez and Canelo Alvarez

How did Fernanda Gomez meet Canelo Alvarez?      

Fernanda Gomez met Canelo Alvarez at a lavish party in Las Vegas, US. They started to make a strong bound and began dating very soon. Canelo, who had lived with many famous women previously, found Fernanda Gomez very attractive. It took them just six months to know basic things about each other. Canelo and Fernanda now share the love of two children. It shows how much both fancies living together.

Fernanda Gomez had been in several relationships before meeting Canelo. However, all of them were not as famous as Canelo who is one of the most famous boxers of all time. Fernanda Gomez sees her future only with Canelo Alvarez. She likes the way the Mexican boxing legends treats her. It also shows the gentleman skills of pugilist Canelo.        

Fernanda Gomez’s Professional Career 

Gomez started her professional career during her teenage day. She did have to work very hard to reach a great level of consistency. Fernanda has worked for many classical Mexican and American fashion brands. Since 2017, Fernanda has been getting better offers as her association Canelo has made her an on-demand Mexican celebrity. Fernanda now gets better offers from many top North American fashion brands. She does take every opportunity with both hands by giving her all in every single project. It shows that Fernanda knows the value of money and does put her best to get something new to work. 

Social Media 

Having more than 286k followers on Instagram, it shows how famous is Gomez. She likes to share her classical work with her fans on Instagram. Many famous Mexicans also follow her because of her association with the star of Mexico. 

Net Worth 

At the moment, the net worth of Gomez is $2 million (US dollars). With too many new projects she is getting, the chances of making her wealth better are very high.          

Why her boyfriend Canelo Alvarez is so famous?    

Canelo Alvarez is one of the leading boxers of the 21st century. He is a four-division world champion and has won every belt a professional boxers aim. Canelo is also one of the famous well-paid sporting personalities around the world.  

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