Everything to Consider When Choosing a Family Vacation Destination

Do you love nothing more than family vacations? Traveling with the family creates unique experiences and provides an amazing bonding opportunity. In fact, 35% of Americans travel with the whole family.

However, choosing the best destination can be a hassle. Maybe one family member prefers a hiking trip and the next person would rather go to the beach. And then there are other factors to consider, such as family-friendly amenities, where to eat, and more.

Is it time for a vacation but you’re not sure where to go? Here are factors to consider when choosing a family vacation destination.


Admit it, your kids get bored easily. That’s why one of the core factors you should choose are activities that your kids will love. However, you should consider more than just typical family-friendly activities. You should consider what your family would want to do.

First, take your interests into consideration and how they will align with different entertainment options. For example, if you all love Broadway, you’ll all enjoy vacations in cities such as New York City.


No vacation is free, unfortunately. And when you have many travel companions with you, the costs add up very quickly. This is why you should always create a family vacation budget.

In order to create a budget, calculate the amenities versus the activities. Let’s say you’re going to New York City for Broadway shows. These shows will require a ticket purchase, so be sure you stay somewhere more affordable.

What if you’re struggling to afford a vacation? Many families choose cruises. They’re all-inclusive, so you save a significant amount of money.

When You Want to Go

It’s true — some destinations are more expensive during certain times of the year. There are other factors to consider, such as the weather.

Let’s say you’re going to New York City. Would you want to go in the winter when it’s cold and snowing? Unless you’re going to NYC for the holidays, you won’t like New York when it’s cold and snowing.

However, Florida is typically cheaper during the winter and has beautiful weather. You’ll enjoy a beautiful beach vacation for less. Keep in mind, it may still be cold to swim during the winter in Florida.

Age of Your Kids

Sure, maybe your kids loved a theme park vacation when they were younger. But if your kids are older, they may prefer another activity. Consider the destination you’re going to and if they have amenities that tie into your kid’s age and interests.

For example, let’s say you have young kids. They likely want to go to Disney. If you want the whole Disney experience, you can stay at a Vero Beach DVC and stay close to the parks.

Length of Your Vacation

An underlooked aspect that many people forget about is the length of their vacation. For example, let’s say your vacation only lasts a week. That’s not a long time, so try and make your vacation simple and choose a destination close to home or one you’ve already visited before.

But let’s say you plan on vacationing for two weeks or more. You can get away with choosing a faraway destination, such as traveling to a different state or even a different country. You’ll have more time to devote to activities and you won’t have to worry about travel eating up your time.

Should You Go to a New Destination?

Some travelers only love visiting new places, while others enjoy visiting the same place over and over again. There is no wrong answer here, but you should know what’s best for your family.

First, create a bucket list. Put every destination you want to visit on this list that you haven’t visited yet.

Weigh out this list compared to places you visited that you would want to see again. Then, ask your family to do the same. Compare all of your lists and make a decision from there.

You should also understand that solo or couple travel is different from family travel. Make sure your kids have a say in the destination.


One of the most common problems when traveling with kids is how impatient they get. From the famous “are we there yet?” questions when traveling in a car to getting fussy on an airplane, distance is a major consideration when choosing a destination.

If you kids don’t mind long travel days, definitely don’t hesitate to book a long car, train, or plane ride. But if they tend to get antsy easily, choose a destination as close to you as possible.

Festivals and Holidays

Are you traveling to a specific festival or event that only happens at a certain time of the year? Festivals are unforgettable experiences. However, more planning is usually involved. That’s because hotels get filled up, you’ll have to deal with larger crowds, flights become more expensive, and more.

Families also struggle with these issues during the holidays. If you plan on visiting family members in other destinations, be sure to plan far in advance.

Have Fun at Your Next Family Vacation Destination

Are you and your family planning a vacation? If so, you’ll want to choose your family vacation destination wisely.

While some factors are common sense, such as how long you want to stay and what you want to do, improper planning can get you in trouble. For example, not budgeting in advance can result in added up costs as can booking last minute or not thinking about the weather.

Finally, you’ll want to consider all vacation destination options before deciding. Hopefully, these family vacation ideas inspired your next trip!

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