Do A Basic Free Tarot Reading For Yourself Or A Friend

For the past few years, tarot cards reading has been resurging people’s interests. Apart from getting tarot readings from professionals, many people are also interested in learning how to do tarot reading for themselves or help a friend. Learning tarot reading is not that difficult in today’s times. Beginners can use free tarot sites to get all information related to tarot reading. You can get free tarot reading by clicking here. To help you become a good tarot reader here’s an easy tarot reading guide. 

Ways to do a basic Tarot Reading 

Before you start to learn to do a basic tarot reading, you need to learn the basics of tarot cards. The most important element is understanding the meanings of different tarot cards. Because tarot cards reading is all about tapping one’s intuition to interpret the cards. 

Choosing the Tarot Deck 

The primary step is procuring the right tarot deck. Don’t get confused by the term right here. Selecting the right tarot deck has no rules. Any deck that a person feels a connection with is right for him or her. There are thousands of tarot decks available to choose from. Each deck has a specific design, and you need to choose the one deck that speaks to you and fits your personality. You’ll find exactly 78 cards in a tarot deck which includes 56 Minor arcana cards for daily life situations and 22 Major arcana cards that are a powerful source of perception and wisdom. 

Asking Questions 

Whether you’re reading for yourself or doing it for a friend, the questions should be specific and open-ended. Instead of asking a question that starts with “Shall I” use “How” or “What” to bring more clarity to the insights. The question can be related to any part of your life like family, relationship, career, finance, and much more. 

Using the cards 

Now that you’ve question ready in your mind, it’s time to shuffle your tarot deck. There are different techniques for shuffling the card. You can use whatever suits you as the important thing is mixing all the cards well together for every new reading, the method you use for it doesn’t really matter. 

After shuffling, cut the tarot deck, pull cards as your need for the spread. There are many types of spreads ranging from 1 card spread to a spread that includes all the 78 cards. Each spread is used for a certain situation which you’ll learn after practicing tarot reading. Beginners may gravitate from 1 card spread to 3 cards tarot spread. You need to pull three cards face down from the tarot deck if you’re doing three cards spread. In 3 cards tarot spread, the first card represents the change that has happened in your life (past), the second card represents how you’re processing that (present), and the third card represents you putting yourself in the middle of the change (future). 

Interpretation of Tarot Cards 

For the interpretation of a tarot card, it’s essential to understand the symbolism and vibe of each card. Learning the 78 cards takes time, but you’ll become familiar with them after practice, and it will become easier for you. 

After placing the three cards face down, you can start revealing them from left to right. First, make sure to pay full attention to the picture, symbols, or other details of the cards. Next, you need to use your intuition to interpret the cards and apply the meaning to your or the ones like you’re doing tarot reading for. During the initial stage, if you’re struggling to interpret the tarot cards, you can refer to the tarot deck reference book for assistance, free tarot site, or you can use any professional psychic’s help to have a better understanding. 

Final Thoughts 

Tarot card reading allows you to access your inner wisdom and bring more clarity to your life. You can use it for meditating purposes or evaluating your emotions, relationships, and vision for the future. However, becoming a good tarot reader will take time. Once you start doing more tarot reading, you’ll begin depending more on your intuition, improving your psychic ability, and making you a good reader.  

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