CDS Exam 2021: Tips to solve reading comprehension passage easily

CDS Exam 2021: Tips to solve reading comprehension passage easily

Whether it is an English Board exam or any competitive exam, reading comprehension questions are commonly asked in almost every examination. The CDS 2021 exam is nowhere exception. However, it seems easy to score in this module but many CDS aspirants lose their precious marks here too because of insufficient practice or overconfidence. Few of the CDS aspirants find passage-based questions tough nuts to crack. But, the reality is the opposite. Candidates can easily score beyond 90% marks in the English section. Although they have to dedicate themselves towards studies and follow these effective tips thoroughly. 

How to solve reading comprehension queries easily?

Follow the mind mapping technique

English section carries important weightage in the UPSC CDS Syllabus. So, do not underestimate its significance and start the preparation from day one. Here, CDS aspirants can practice the mind mapping technique to enhance their chances of scoring in the reading comprehension section. Under this technique, one has to visualize the statements given in the passage. For instance, a rabbit is eating carrots. Here, if the question is what is the noun and verb, visualizing the statement will make it easier to answer. Remember this technique is very useful to build cognitive ability. Also, it helps in solving complex reasoning and aptitude sections.

Not all queries are difficult to solve

It is a popular myth that one has to be proficient in English or hold extensive knowledge to solve comprehension questions. However, the reality is that no such question in the CDS or any examination is difficult to solve. It is all about the wrong approach and perception that make questions difficult.  English is the easiest section to score in the written CDS examination. So, before solving a set of passage based questions, have a clear understanding of grammatical guidelines. Understand what the question is demanding and follow the approach accordingly.

Read the entire passage first

Undoubtedly, reading is time consuming. But, CDS aspirants have to put this much effort into reading to get good results. Sometimes the answer is in the middle of the passage only. So, aspirants must utilize the reading time carefully and jot down the answers with the pencil itself to save valuable time. Saved time can be utilized later to tackle complicated questions. Once they read the entire passage, many questions they will have in their mind. That is where this brain booster exercise works because it increases the accuracy level of answering questions. Moreover, those who face any linguistic issues or conceptual problems may refer to UPSC CDS Answer Key.

Knowing question variants is essential

Mostly, reading comprehension questions consists of word meaning, the title for the passage or alternative words, etc. So, before solving or attempting passage based questions, understand the format that CDS exams demand. Before applying for the examination only know about the types of passage based questions that will come in the examination. Advanced preparation will minimize the chance of time wastage in the examination. Furthermore, for better reference refer to online materials, tutorials, or sample question papers. It will give CDS aspirants a rough idea about what kind of questions come during the examination.

The bottom line

Finally, CDS aspirants got the blueprint to solve reading comprehension questions. It will give a correct pathway to solve and score more in the English section. Also, the above-mentioned tips are easy to follow for every beginner. So, pull up the socks and start following this beginner’s guide. For CDS aspirants here we showcased a few effective tips that facilitate their passage based questions. If you find it useful, share it amongst your learning peers.

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