Best Preschools in Singapore

Parents with kids get it. It is not an easy feat to choose the perfect preschool in Singapore. But fortunately, Singapore has several early childhood programs and fab education centers. Regardless of what your preferences are, Singapore has a preschool that can fit your unique parenting style. If you want your child to study preschool in Singapore with someone who will mind them, here is a list of high-profile Singapore preschools to consider.

  1. Brighton Montessori

This is one of the best preschools in Singapore, boasting twenty-five years of experience in child education. Brighton Montessori is dedicated to providing young ones a stimulating, supportive and creative environment that caters to kid’s individual needs. The preschool has adopted a hands-on learning and one-to-one teaching strategy that prepares kids for formal education from primary one and above. The Montessori school contains classes from pre-nursery to k2 besides offering full-day toddler care. Brighton’s carefully adjusted environment is equipped and designed to suit kids participating in the learning process, allowing them to explore their interests and freely express themselves.

  1. Le Petite Ecole

This preschool is a bilingual institution specializing in French and English started in 2021 in Singapore, and is approved by the ministry of French education. The teachers in the school are native English and French speakers and work together to cover the French national curriculum for kids aged two and half years, from pre nursery to those aged seven years old. The school is multicultural and therefore welcomes all nationalities to the school. It uses a child-centered approach in the learning process, as kids play, learn and develop their self-awareness. The school also uses an innovative and unique pedagogical system that promotes a child’s independence, motivation, and curiosity.

  1. Star learners

Star Learners use a unique writing based curriculum that engages every kid in exciting and rich worlds besides opening a world of possibilities to handle concepts in various learning areas. With the school’s combination of several activity-based strategies, kids learn essential skills like creativity and creative thinking, problem-solving and good communication. Star learners school is the largest ECDA ally operator scheme dedicated to affordability, quality, and accessibility. It is committed to developing a generation of kids with creativity, confidence, and strong character.

  1. EtonHouse

The school was first established in 1995 and now has over one hundred international schools across twelve countries. The school incorporates a supportive and engaging environment that encourages children to be curious and study through understanding and experience. The preschool follows its unique ITL curriculum (Inquire Think Learn), spurred by the Reggio Emilia strategy. The school boasts several awards for innovative and outstanding practice and also excellent leadership in its organization. Its dual-language program provides exposure to English and Mandarin to kids above eighteen months. All its branches are well equipped with facilities to support co-curricular and academic activities allowing students to reach their potential.


Finding the best preschool that you can comfortably leave your kid knowing that they are in safe hands is a hassle. Your kid deserves the same attention and care she gets at home; find a school with teachers who mind and care for your kid’s general wellbeing. The above list will help you pick a school of interest where your kid’s needs will be well catered to.

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