6 Essentials to Survive a Long Layover

Layovers are a drag for most people Рstuck in airports in between flights, halfway to your destination. But, it does not have to be so. The trick to transforming layovers is to improvise, adapt and overcome. Once you have done so, these idle time spans can prove quite productive. 

But to adapt and thrive during layovers, especially the long ones, you need to have certain essentials. The following list covers the seven fundamental must-haves of airport layovers, from neck pillows and earmuffs to your favourite books and snacks.  

  1. Books

What can be better than indulging in the words crafted by your favourite author? Layovers are the perfect time for picking up a new book series, even more so if you are a frequent traveller. Books can certainly help you escape into a different dimension. 

But if books are not your cuppa, you can always replace them with your favourite TV series, or better yet, an informative documentary about your destination. If you’re travelling internationally and have a Netflix subscription, it might be fun to explore the type of content available in that specific country. 

  1. Reusable Water Container

This point may seem obvious to many. But if you belong from a colder region, typically from the northern hemisphere, you may make the mistake of not considering the importance of staying hydrated in a warmer climate. Always carry a reusable water container. You can easily refill it at the airport and save a lot of money, especially if you plan to go for a short sightseeing trip outside the airport.

  1. Basic Medicine Kit

It is always necessary to carry a portable kit with requisite medicines while travelling. Long waiting periods during layovers can result in headaches in some people. Pop a tab of aspirin to prevent it from becoming unbearable. 

To be better prepared, make a checklist that you can refer to every time before travelling. Ensure to carry your prescribed medicines from home, as they may not be available in your destination country or region.

  1. Portable Charger

Watching a movie, replying to emails, booking seats, browsing and researching the nearest tourist spots outside the airport require electronic devices. We spend more than 60% of our time keeping our heads glued to our gadgets. It is even more true if you’re travelling for business. 

So, carrying a portable charger or a power bank makes all the sense. It will give you a chance to catch up on some work without constantly worrying about battery longevity.

  1. Earmuffs

What is the one sound everyone craves while travelling? The blissful sound of silence! Yes, it is pretty hard to concentrate on your book or enjoy shuffling through your favourite playlist if you persistently try to avoid all the nefarious noises around.

Earmuffs are a great way to tune out the world into oblivion. You can also go for earplugs, but earmuffs are more child-friendly and hygienic noise-cancelling options.  

  1. Snacks

Airports are notoriously famous for inciting food temptations that will lead you to a guilt trip before you can ever make your way to the tarmac, especially while maintaining a diet. It is a delicious trap of innumerable snacks from different countries and varying tastes.

Therefore it is always a good idea to carry snacks from home.  Try out different safe comfort foods that you enjoy. It is also a great way to save money that you can spend on something else, like a self-help audiobook?  

The next time you find yourself in a long layover, you’ll be better prepared to spend the time wisely and productively. And if you ever go out of things to do in an airport, remember that people-watching is also a thing! Who knows, you may even find it interesting, guessing and formulating stories from watching passersby.

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