5 Reasons Why Regular Health Check is Important

Health is Wealth – is a common saying but most of us do not take this much seriously. Our health is the only wealth that we carry through our lives and cannot be stolen or taken away by anyone. It is in fact the only wealth that can give us unlimited happiness and joy in life unlike other assets. Health check ups are a useful and a wonderful way to keep tabs on our health and to make sure that we are progressing in the right direction in a disease free manner. Health checkup packages are a new way of ensuring that a patient can keep a check on their health with or without actually referring to a doctor. If a patient is fairly healthy and middle aged, they can choose to get themselves tested from a trusted health checkup packages clinical lab where health packages are offered. Based on the results, one can make an informed decision until it is deemed necessary to get a medical intervention.

What is a Health Checkup Package?

Health Checkup Packages are an innovative solution to include more and more healthy individuals to get themselves tested on a regular basis. Most of us have a tendency to get health checkups done only when they are absolutely necessary, for example when they are recommended by a doctor or a specialist when one goes in for a medical examination due to a symptom or a disorder. On the other hand, it is generally recommended by most doctors and health practitioners to get one’s self annually checked for simple diseases and lifestyle disorders on a routine basis such as for blood sugar levels, hemoglobin levels, WBC and platelet counts, blood pressure, cardiac risk factors, lipids and many other such markers for health.

There are many benefits and importance that have been attached to getting one’s self checked annually for their health on a regular basis. Some of the most important reasons have been listed below:

  1. Monitoring Health

One of the most important reasons why everyone should get a health checkup package is that it helps monitor the health of an individual without actually going to a hospital. Many labs and clinics now offer non-invasive tests that are grouped into packages that can be easily accessed by anyone to monitor their own health.

  1. Early Diagnosis of Diseases

Getting a health check up done every year above the age of 40 is extremely crucial as it can help diagnose any oncoming disease such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol etc. All these are common disorders that most people get affected in their middle ages which can be easily diagnosed when we maintain and regulate our health

  1. Easy Method of Testing

Most clinical labs offer a bundle of tests that are aimed at one or two specific disorders. Therefore it becomes easy to club a few tests together which would be otherwise split up and advised separately in most hospitals. Also, these tests can be done at the convenience of one’s own home

  1. Comprehensive Plans

When a patient goes to a hospital, the amount of tests and scans that are suggested are all random and the patient needs to get multiple tests done at various places. Whereas when you get a health package, most of the tests and scans are all clubbed into one package which is also very easy for the doctor.

  • One-stop Solution

A health check up package can be a one stop solution for all the health queries and can be used to self evaluate until otherwise necessary to see a doctor.

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