5 Different Carpentry Tools and Their Uses

Carpentry is one of the simplest DIY works one can do at home. But to do the work well, one must have the right tools and in-depth knowledge of how to operate them. Some tools are essential for even the most basic carpentry work, and below we list five of the must-have tools and their uses.


Routers are the equivalent of hand planes and can be used in their place. The most common type of router available in the CNC router. This is the computer numerical router. The CNC router is a computer-controlled router. It can combine the workings of a router, the panel saw, and the boring machine.


The CNC router is used to cut and smoothen edges, curves, rabbets, and dadoes.

CNC routers create unique shapes on wood.

Claw Hammer

This is one of the most basic and must-have tools in your carpentry arsenal. When shopping for a claw hammer, you should look for a strong one that has a good grip. It should also not be too heavy for easy swinging. You should choose stainless steel claw hammer that will withstand the elements of nature hence last longer. Get yourself a hammer with a rounded top to avoid damaging your wood when swinging.


A claw hammer uses one end to drive nails and the other to pull them out.


Any carpenter’s workshop should include screwdrivers. They come in different sizes to fit the different screw sizes and the size of the screw slot. There are also different types of screws, and it is important to get yourself as many screwdrivers as possible.    


Screw drivers are used for driving screws.

Power Drill

The power drill is one of the most sought-after carpentry power tools. It can be used for household DIY ideas or used commercially. It is one of the easiest to use power tools in a carpenter’s workshop.

The drill is used with drill bits and power, speed, and torque settings. It thus requires a bit of learning and experience to avoid accidents.


The power drill is used to insert or fasten screws and drill holes.

Hand saw

This is the ultimate companion for a hands-on carpenter. The hand saw has a wooden or metallic handle attached to a straight metal blade with sharp edges. The sharp edges called teeth are evenly spaced. The number of teeth depends on the purpose of the blade. This is a must-have for any carpenter dealing with large pieces of wood.


The hand saw is used to cut large pieces of wood. This is useful for reducing huge sizes of wood for easier working.


Nowadays, people are doing carpentry work on their own at the comfort of their homes and in workshops. Carpentry tools are readily available and easy to use, and the above are some of the most common and useful tools necessary in a carpenter’s workshop. However, you should take necessary safety precautions when using these tools to avoid injury or damage to your work.

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