4 Trendy Engagement Ring Settings and Styles for Your Beloved

Picking out the right engagement ring is important because if you are ready to propose to your beloved, you will want to make this a memorable day. As you know, different engagement rings have different settings and styles, which might baffle you as you wouldn’t know which to choose. There are various diamond shapes and metals; you can select those based on their popularity or uniqueness. Whatever the case, maybe, it is time you knew about some trendy engagement ring settings and styles. So, the following checklist has been created for your knowledge. It will undoubtedly help you further purchase engagement rings because you might want to propose to your beloved again and again, and the happiness on your beloved’s face will make it worth your while every time. once they see some unique rings from Francesca. So, let’s look at the various settings and styles.

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  1. Solitaire Style

The word ‘solitaire’ is derived from the Latin word ‘solitarius’ that means alone or isolated. Technically, it means that only one stone can be set at the centre of the ring. It can be any diamond shape or gemstone. On the simple band without diamonds, one stone is put on display. The solitaire style is simple and a classic that will always be in fashion because no one will miss out on such elegance.

  • Antique or Vintage Setting

The vintage style is a timeless classic with different engagement ring styles inspired by different eras like the Edwardian era, Victorian epoch and Art Deco. Generally, these rings are styled with gemstones or diamonds on the band with intricate styles of milgrain and filigree. Filigree design features metalwork of tiny beads or twisted threads to the jewel’s surface, whereas the milgrain design consists of small metal balls at both the sides of the ring and the crown. The antique or vintage style rings are intricately built and will enhance the beauty of your beloved.

  • Shank and Split Shank Style

Shank refers to the metal band of the ring where usually diamonds are set on both sides. There are many different designs of the shank, but the split shank is quite famous. As the name split shank suggests, the band or the shank looks like it is split into two with one centre stone in the middle, which can be a diamond or a gemstone. Some are adorned with diamonds or gemstones for that ultimate sparkle and a contemporary look. There won’t be any diamonds or gemstones on the band or shank if you purchase a solitaire split shank ring. A small split in the shank makes the centre stone appear more prominent.

  • Infinity Setting

The infinity style is another elegant masterpiece as the band or shank entwine in such a way that they form the infinity or the eight shaped patterns. You will find infinity settings in different styles such as one stone style for elegance, bands or shanks decorated with diamonds or gemstones at both sides for that ultimate look and so forth. You can propose to your beloved with a ring, which consists of an infinity pattern at the centre of the ring instead of the centre stone; this infinity pattern can be embellished with diamonds or gemstones.

These four gorgeous and trendy engagement rings settings and styles are worth every bit of your penny, and you can customize them online as well. So, you better get going and make your proposal day special.

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